Abeille ( I mean, how cool is her name?!!) was first introduced as a VJ on Musiqueplus a couple years ago and you could already tell she had her own style and she wasn't afraid to show it! Some might know her as Mitsou little sister but I'm pretty sure you've seen her behind the turntables at the hottest events  making people dance like there's no tomorrow! One of the things I like is that she has a very eclectic sense of fashion and she always seems to put her own little twist to her outfits. She was kind enough to share her inspirations, here is the result..

Q: How would you define your personal style

Abeille: Well first of all, it's really a personal thing. Everyday I feel that I have a different style, depending on how I feel on a specific day. It can range from Afghan pants to a mini skirt... But one thing's for sure, I always have to wear something gold, whether it's jewelry or a piece of clothing.

Q: Would you say that fashion and music go hand in hand and how?

Abeille: Of course! They're the same in a way because it's like trying different pieces of clothing or songs, and checking what works depending on the mood, environment and type of people... They both have to adjust and evolve with time.

Q: What's the process behind your Djing gigs outfits? Do you already have an idea made or go with the kind of party/crowd you'll be spinning for?

Abeille: Yeah, I'm definitely influenced by the type of party I'm about to do. I wouldn't wear jean shorts and converse to a wedding or a cocktail party, but I'll rock whatever I feel like otherwise! Most of the times I go for flats, even with a dress because I know I'll be standing for hours and I want to be able to party too! I like having fun with clothing, but I hate having to ''dress up'' for a costumed party. I want to feel like me as much as possible.

Q: Where do you mostly do your shopping, any favorite boutiques?

Abeille: I like to buy random pieces here and there... Mix and match old and new... I really dig this new store on Laurier called : Three Hearts. But if you ask me on any given day, I might be wearing a piece from one of my trips. I like cultural influences in my personal style.

Q: Which celebrity closet would you most likely raid?

Abeille: M.I.A., Lana Del Rey

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island, which 5 pieces of clothing would you bring with you?

Abeille: My grey V-neck t-shirt, my black Rad Hourani pants/leggings, my cheesy ''I  Miami'' one piece,  a pair of boy cut underwear and my fiancé's  t-shirt with his smell on it...

(Merci beaucoup à toi! )

If you want to know about Abeille's next gigs follow her on her twitter page  and like her on Facebook  and also visit her website: djabeille

images courtesy:  her Facebook and photographer Patrick St-Arnaud 


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