blah, blah, blah, meh!

I apologize for the lack of posting, don't really have any excuses other than I wasn't feeling it (bloggers will understand what I mean by that) sometimes you're just not that into it! Enough with the rambling, fall is here which only means lots of posting since it's my favorite season fashion/style/clothes wise! I will also be adding pictures of what I wore and what I bought, just to spice things up and make this blog more personal, ya know!

I also wanna take this time to thank my followers, I started this blog out of pure boredom mixed with my overflowing passion for fashion that needed to be expressed on some sort of public outlet . I never even thought or cared that anyone would ever read it, I was doing it for myself. Now I have followers and I've had people comment on my posts, what more to ask for. Having a public requires satisfying them, so I will do my best to keep the posting consistent, once again, thanks guys! (pss, don't be shy to comment!!)

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